Fashion: Penney’s #GetFit gym gear is gorge and an absolute steel

So if you’re like me, you need that extra push in January to stay motivated and consistent with  gym  attempts.

Let’s face it – we’re all smashed, it’s only half-way to pay day for most and we’re feeling the affects of eating and drinking everything in site over Christmas.

Well Penney’s literally has answered our prayers when it comes to their new #getfit gym gear. At the end of the day, we need to look good going to the gym even if its as less frequent as we would like.

If you’re broke and need to freshen up your gym wardrobe for January get yourself to Penney’s to check out these latest pieces.

Pants are ranging from €13, tops from €8 and accessories from as little as €3.

The bank balance allowed me to pick up a couple of pieces for an absolute bargain that will be tested tomorrow in the gym. I also grabbed a khaki bomber for €15. A khaki bomber will never go out of fashion and can also compliment the new #getfit gym gear.

Penney’s O’Connell Street Gets Revamp

Penney’s recently unveiled its gorge new store in iconic O’Connell Street. The renewal work began in September and the project was phased to allow Penney’s stay open during construction. The store was open since 1992 ensured the project was complete before the #1916 celebrations. A spokesperson for Penney’s said, “We’re delighted that the refurbishment to our O’Connell Street Store is now complete”.

Penney’s now has 36 stores in Ireland but on a global level has 302 stores across 10 countries. It plans to open another six stores by 2017.


Primark Opens 300th Store

Irish-owned retailer Primark has opened its 300th store.

The outlet is located at Broughton Shopping Park in Chester, England.

Primark now has 300 stores across 10 countries.

Two more Primark shops will open this week – in Birmingham in England and also in southern France. That will make a lot of ex-pats happy living in these areas.