Fabric to reopen after it wins closure appeal

Fabric has won its appeal to reopen nightclub after the licence was revoked.

I know what you’re thinking.. is this a joke?! Like I don’t think you could play with our emotions like that. Didn’t we already feel the loss of the club the last few months. Dublin Soho can confirm that this is no joke. So let’s celebrate this one as its PROBABLY the best news you’ll get on a Monday this year!


The re-opening comes with strict rules to be enforced. Eh do we care? Just get Fabric open already. The publicity raised during the #SaveFabric battle has only done wonders for the Club. Social media, Fabric DJ’s, party goers, pretty much anyone who experienced Fabric, got behind the campaign to turn the closure around.

We just can’t wait for the Fabric re-opening party. Its sure to attract an incredible lineup just like it’s closing did. The anticipation is already killing us. The public have a lot to be proud of. Big applause all round!

I’ll leave you with the official statement for Fabric. Tick tock, tick tock!


Statement from Fabric

We are hugely thankful to be able to confirm the news that we have won our licence back. We owe everything to our supporters. We really would not be here today without your unparalleled support and generosity.

So many different people stepped up to put their voices to our cause, artists from all corners of the music community, fellow promoters who have put on huge events from us and clubbers from around the world who all united behind us.

We’ve even seen people sporting their #savefabric T Shirts on the other side of this planet showing just how big this thing is.

So, thank you to all of you. Without the strength of your backing this would not have happened.

You saved Fabric.

We’ll be back with some news about #saveourculture and our next steps when we can.