MustWatch: Emmet Kirwan’s ‘Heartbreak’ powerful short on a teenager mother is outstanding

The powerful poetic story ‘Heartbreak’ should be on everyone’s lips right now. This incredible short film commissioned by the Irish theatre company ThisisPopBaby for their award winning stage show #RIOT.  Wonderfully written and performed by Dublin Oldschool Emmet Kirwan is a must see for all.

The story is of a young teenager and her journey discovering her youth and relationships and finds herself pregnant. It shows the many challenges she faces becoming a parent on top of being a young woman in society. The journey is told with pure honesty and it’s not until the final moments that there is true optimism in this powerful story. It definitely pulls on your heartstrings, especially for every woman who understands this heartbreak

Heartbreak written & Performed by Emmet Kirwan and wonderfully directed by Irish filmmaker Dave Tynan. Starring Jordanne Jones & Deirdre Molloy .