Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers

I’ve always said it that ice-cream is one of my go-to-things to ease the pain of a fearful hangover. Well Dublin Soho can confirm that a bar specifically designed for the cure exists – can I get an Amen.  Only thing is its based in South Korea; home to the world’s first hangover ice cream bar. Bit of a trek now indeed!

The so called hangover store based in South Korea and named Gyeondyo-bar (hang in there). Yes we love it already. The ice cream that tastes like grapefruit has an active treatment ingredient which is oriental raisin tree fruit juice, used as hangover remedy in Korea since the 1600s.

Us Irish will wait patiently and pray for a local Irish budding entrepreneur to create a similar product. Let’s face it Deliveroo would make a killing helping all us needy Irish on a day where our heads can’t raise from the pillow.


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