The world has lost a legend; legendary Prince dies at 57

“Prince, the singer, the songwriter, the master entertainer who produced some of the world’s most loved songs like “Let’s go crazy”, “Purple Rain” and “Kiss” has died aged 57.  To say the world is devastated is an understatement that one of the most creative and talented souls is now gone. The legendary musician was found at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis. The news comes less than a week after Prince’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to his ongoing battle with the flu. It’s also known that Prince had tonnes of unreleased music that wasn’t shared with the world. What he shared empowered and impacted many lives so we “thank you” Prince.

prince 2

Prince brought so much magic to my life, to my sisters and to many across the world. His lyrics, his style, his soul just oozed “magic”.  I speak from the heart when I say “I loved growing up and discovering his music”, every song from that album “sign o the times” and “Purple Rain” soundtrack was simply incredible. Me and my sisters would blast it all the time; my sisters at one point nearly morphed into him copying his hairstyle.

I remember watching his movie “Purple Rain” literally a million times with my twin sister when we were younger. To say we were obsessed was an understatement.

purple rain

Here’s one of my favourite tracks and trust me it’s hard to pick between the hundreds of amazing songs Prince produced.


Dublin Soho salute this legend and will be attending ANY Prince appreciation party in Dublin. Hint hint guys.



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