First Dates Ireland Starts Tomorrow

All “First Dates” fans will be delighted to know that the Irish version starts tomorrow.  Fans of the UK show will be desperate to see how the Irish version fairs out on RTE. For anyone who has not watched “First Dates” before in a nutshell its where two single people are matched up and sent on a blind date to a restaurant. The whole experience whether it be cringe, funny or super cute is captured for viewing. Yes we find it pretty addictive!

Here’s a teaser clip to keep you entertained and it looks pretty funny. It shows a date between a South African model Federica and Donegal accountant Lee, but things seem to get off to a rocky start for the pair when she reveals her pre-dinner ritual.



First Dates Ireland airs on RTÉ Two at 9.30pm tomorrow and Maitre D Mateo Sania has said that the series did not turn out as expected.

“It was full of surprises, this is Ireland, whatever you plan is never going to happen. What will happen is something spontaneous, that you didn’t think would happen, that’s what makes it so much more interesting and exciting to watch.

“I didn’t expect half the things to happen that happened, it was just brilliant the way the people reacted and responded to the awkwardness and everything.”

We’re super excirah!

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