Sugar Dolls: Shellac Review

Recently I had one of the girls hen party to go to so needed to get prepped for the big event. I usually go to my friend Gemma to get my shellac done but with being super busy I had to look at somewhere close to the office. My office is based beside Liffey Valley S.C. so I decided to try out Sugar Dolls. Some of the ladies in my office recommended Sugar Dolls so I booked myself in.


My appointment was booked in with Laura for lunchtime. When I arrived I was greeted by a staff member who asked me to wait for Laura. She noticed I had shellac on so to speed things up she proceeded to take the shellac off and asked me to choose my preferred colour.

The Atmosphere:

This is something I always notice when I go to a new beauty salon for an appointment whether it be hair, brows or nails, its important. The girls were lovely, regular customers were coming and going and the footfall coming into book appointments was good. I asked the girls “are you always busy”? they say yes “people book well in advance to get their appointment”.

The People:

We all know that a business is not a business without the people behind it. Laura was so professional, in fact, all the girls were lovely and they really engage with customers. We had some serious craic talking about almost anything as girls do. Most ladies who sat beside me were regular customers and were already booking in their next appointment before they left.

Pros of Shellac:

I’m no expert at all in beauty but the pro’s of shellac is that your nails will look gorge. They say that shellac helps your nails from not breaking and avoids a shabby look. If you’re using a computer all day say goodbye to the appearance of your nails. Plus it’s always a nice treat!

Cons of Shellac:

The con’s are that it’s a bit addictive; once you get shellac you want to keep getting it which doesn’t help if you’re on a budget but who cares you’re worth it. If you decide that you don’t want to continue with the shellac the safest option is to go back to the salon and get them professionally removed. Your nails won’t be as strong as they were before so best advice is to get some sort of treatment to keep them strong.


I really enjoyed the experience getting my nails done by Laura. She seems to have her fair share of regular customers who return to Sugar Dolls which I’m not surprised. I loved the colour and the finish. I will 100% be back to Sugar Dolls and might go for the extended nails the next time.

About Sugar Dolls & Nail Beauty

The atmosphere was fun and the service was really good. They also understand how important customer feedback is and send you a thank you text after asking you to rate their service.

Cost of Shellac: €30

You can view their full price list here.

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