Dublin Has It All #DublinPubs

It’s safe to say Dublin Pubs play a central role in Irish culture and offer an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the World.

From traditional to contemporary, from pints to fancy cocktails,  folk music to electro and disco to techno – let’s face it #Dublinhasitall. Whatever is your thing, the Dublin Pub scene has it. This video shows you just how deadly our city really is.

Thanks to Dublintown.ie for reminding us just how deadly it is.

The world has lost a legend; legendary Prince dies at 57

“Prince, the singer, the songwriter, the master entertainer who produced some of the world’s most loved songs like “Let’s go crazy”, “Purple Rain” and “Kiss” has died aged 57.  To say the world is devastated is an understatement that one of the most creative and talented souls is now gone. The legendary musician was found at his Paisley Park home in Minneapolis. The news comes less than a week after Prince’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to his ongoing battle with the flu. It’s also known that Prince had tonnes of unreleased music that wasn’t shared with the world. What he shared empowered and impacted many lives so we “thank you” Prince.

prince 2

Prince brought so much magic to my life, to my sisters and to many across the world. His lyrics, his style, his soul just oozed “magic”.  I speak from the heart when I say “I loved growing up and discovering his music”, every song from that album “sign o the times” and “Purple Rain” soundtrack was simply incredible. Me and my sisters would blast it all the time; my sisters at one point nearly morphed into him copying his hairstyle.

I remember watching his movie “Purple Rain” literally a million times with my twin sister when we were younger. To say we were obsessed was an understatement.

purple rain

Here’s one of my favourite tracks and trust me it’s hard to pick between the hundreds of amazing songs Prince produced.


Dublin Soho salute this legend and will be attending ANY Prince appreciation party in Dublin. Hint hint guys.



Beatyard Reveals Teaser Lineup

The good people behind Beatyard have just shared a teaser vid for their festival. Plus they’ve revealed one name and ITS BIG. Watch the video here to find out who it is.

They’re offering 2 for 1 tickets until 11pm April 21st (tomorrow). To get the cheaper tickets sign up to their emails now and you might be lucky or else go here.

First Dates Ireland Starts Tomorrow

All “First Dates” fans will be delighted to know that the Irish version starts tomorrow.  Fans of the UK show will be desperate to see how the Irish version fairs out on RTE. For anyone who has not watched “First Dates” before in a nutshell its where two single people are matched up and sent on a blind date to a restaurant. The whole experience whether it be cringe, funny or super cute is captured for viewing. Yes we find it pretty addictive!

Here’s a teaser clip to keep you entertained and it looks pretty funny. It shows a date between a South African model Federica and Donegal accountant Lee, but things seem to get off to a rocky start for the pair when she reveals her pre-dinner ritual.



First Dates Ireland airs on RTÉ Two at 9.30pm tomorrow and Maitre D Mateo Sania has said that the series did not turn out as expected.

“It was full of surprises, this is Ireland, whatever you plan is never going to happen. What will happen is something spontaneous, that you didn’t think would happen, that’s what makes it so much more interesting and exciting to watch.

“I didn’t expect half the things to happen that happened, it was just brilliant the way the people reacted and responded to the awkwardness and everything.”

We’re super excirah!

Mayday Mayday Disco Brunch is back

Dust off your disco boots as the good folks from “The Gentlemen’s Academy” are bringing the Disco Brunch to us for some bank holiday madness. Eh yes please!

The event returns to Drury Building’s to be hosted by Dublin’s finest. Anyone who has made it to a brunch knows this is one party not to miss. Tickets for the last disco brunch sold out in just 20 minutes. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 1pm so put it in the diary so you won’t be dissappointed!

See you on the dancefloor.

Jeff Mills to Perform with RTÉ Orchestra

One of the biggest names in dance music history has announced a very special to collaborate with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The 52 year old techno DJ who last appeared in Metropolis festival in November is set to raise the roof in Dublin’s Bord Gais energy theatre on October 30th. Mills also known as “The Wizard” has been an iconic member of the Detroit techno scene from the mid 1980’s. He’s had sell-out gigs in Dublin since he first arrived here and became a regular to Dublin’s red box and the twisted pepper.

‘Light From The Outside World’ is a live collaboration between Mills and several orchestras and is essentially a classic rendition of a collection of Mills’ own tracks.

Here’s a slice of what’s in store.

Tickets are €25 (plus booking fee) and go on sale from ticketmaster this Thursday 21st April.

This should be a special one!

Sugar Dolls: Shellac Review

Recently I had one of the girls hen party to go to so needed to get prepped for the big event. I usually go to my friend Gemma to get my shellac done but with being super busy I had to look at somewhere close to the office. My office is based beside Liffey Valley S.C. so I decided to try out Sugar Dolls. Some of the ladies in my office recommended Sugar Dolls so I booked myself in.


My appointment was booked in with Laura for lunchtime. When I arrived I was greeted by a staff member who asked me to wait for Laura. She noticed I had shellac on so to speed things up she proceeded to take the shellac off and asked me to choose my preferred colour.

The Atmosphere:

This is something I always notice when I go to a new beauty salon for an appointment whether it be hair, brows or nails, its important. The girls were lovely, regular customers were coming and going and the footfall coming into book appointments was good. I asked the girls “are you always busy”? they say yes “people book well in advance to get their appointment”.

The People:

We all know that a business is not a business without the people behind it. Laura was so professional, in fact, all the girls were lovely and they really engage with customers. We had some serious craic talking about almost anything as girls do. Most ladies who sat beside me were regular customers and were already booking in their next appointment before they left.

Pros of Shellac:

I’m no expert at all in beauty but the pro’s of shellac is that your nails will look gorge. They say that shellac helps your nails from not breaking and avoids a shabby look. If you’re using a computer all day say goodbye to the appearance of your nails. Plus it’s always a nice treat!

Cons of Shellac:

The con’s are that it’s a bit addictive; once you get shellac you want to keep getting it which doesn’t help if you’re on a budget but who cares you’re worth it. If you decide that you don’t want to continue with the shellac the safest option is to go back to the salon and get them professionally removed. Your nails won’t be as strong as they were before so best advice is to get some sort of treatment to keep them strong.


I really enjoyed the experience getting my nails done by Laura. She seems to have her fair share of regular customers who return to Sugar Dolls which I’m not surprised. I loved the colour and the finish. I will 100% be back to Sugar Dolls and might go for the extended nails the next time.

About Sugar Dolls & Nail Beauty

The atmosphere was fun and the service was really good. They also understand how important customer feedback is and send you a thank you text after asking you to rate their service.

Cost of Shellac: €30

You can view their full price list here.

Aungier Danger’s New Shop Opens Tomorrow

Aungier Danger opens it’s new shop tomorrow and guess what to mark the occasion of opening their new permanent digs in Arnotts they are giving away FREE donuts. If it’s for free it’s for me!

So all you have to do is make your way to the new shop at 9.30am (when it all kicks off) to get in on this! Free donuts until they run out. You won’t get a chance to pig out too much though, cos it’s only one doughnut per person.

Want to see what you could be scoffing? Yes alarm clocks at the ready.

Aer Lingus Giving Away Flights This Friday

Who wants a free flight? Free flight you say? Yes Aer Lingus are giving away €10,000 worth of flights this Friday.

To celebrate the launch of two new routes to the US East Coast with a giant game of ‘Guess Who?’in Grand Canal Dock this Friday.The two destinations now added are direct flights from Dublin to Newark, New Jerset and Hartford in Connecticut from September.

They’ll be giving away lots of flights worth over €10,000. They will have two people playing at any one time so the chances of winning are very high.

They will line up some recognisable faces from New Jersey and Connecticut in a massive board game akin to the classic ‘Guess Who?’. People will be challenged to guess, through the process of elimination, which Newark or Hartford celebrity the opponent has on their board.

One winner, from each of the multiple rounds, will win a pair of return flights to one of the US East Coast destinations, courtesy of Aer Lingus.

All you have to do is show up at Grand Canal Dock from 1-2pm this Friday and you could be picked to play.


Cliff House Hotel Review #fivestarstuff

So it was recently my birthday and one of my bessie’s decided to spoil me by surprising me with a night in The Cliff House Hotel. I’ll be honest with you, at first I hadn’t heard of hotel (my bad) but soon I got to know it. From the moment I start researching online I uncovered that this was a special sort of hotel. What I mean is, it had beautiful seaviews, a well-known spa with outdoor jacuzzi and a michelin star restaurant that is super difficult to get a booking.  Eh you had me at surprise!

On Arrival we were greeted by the lovely staff at reception. The staff offered us a signature cocktail for the #threewordtweet we tweeted in advance with excitement.


The Cottage

We had booked the cottage across from the hotel so required the staff to show us around.  It literally could fit a family of 12 it was that massive. Three double bedrooms, a room with twin bunkbeds and a cot, two different sitting rooms; one with a fab fire, a massive kitchen with an Island and stunning views.

The Spa

The Well is just gorgeous so much so in my whole 24 hours of being there I went twice. It consists of a swimming pool with chillout area, sauna, steam room and outdoor jacuzzi. It was raining Saturday but we didn’t care. It was uber relaxing.  There’s nothing more annoying that forgetting your shampoo & conditioner. Well guess what I did but delighted to find out that the hotel had got this covered. There was Voya shampoo & conditioner available for guests to use. Winner!

The Michelin Star House Restaurant

So this was a big surprise for both of us as we had originally booked the bar because the restaurant was booked out. The hotel receptionist Derbhla asked where we were dining and said she would try get us in. To our delight we got a table at 7.30pm. Fair play Dearbhla!

The Food

Well it was an experience from the moment we sat down to be fair. The seaview to start with and the experience that kept-on-giving. We opted for the 3 course meal that costs €75 a head. But it wasn’t just three courses, it was more like 7 and well worth the money. The meal started with a choice of three breads hot from the oven that came with different types of butter. There was a series of amuse bouche in between each course. The waiting staff explained every single course when it was presented and were so attentive. I can’t explain how enjoyable it was.  The breakfast the next morning was delicious too. Bread, pastries, fruit, yoghurt and a full Irish.


The Cliff Walk
Well what better way to walk of all that gorge food than have a cliff walk. The walk was an hour in total and really helped us feel better about ourselves after indulging so much. The hotel even thought of your shoes and have an outside cleaner to dust off all that muc. Hunter wellies are also available to borrow for the cliff walk.

All in all my experience at the Cliff House was one to remember! I will be back again sometime soon and will leave you with a three word tweet #itwasbliss