Five Foot Snake Found in Dublin

Most of us have been told in some shape or form that there are no snakes in Ireland. Sure didn’t St Patrick see to that? Well whoever it was that told us this myth is sorely wrong.

Somehow a Glasnevin, Dublin, homeowner was startled by this little fella:

When we say ‘startled’ we mean that the snake fell out of a hole in the man’s ceiling and onto his head while he stood on a ladder, and by ‘little’ we mean ‘huge’ – the animal is five feet long. Wouldn’t you just die?

Fortunate for the homeowner is that its not poisonous. It’s a Rat Snake, and the DSPCA believe it was could have been kept by the house’s previous tenants as a pet.

Now the snake has been recaptured, it’s now making a recovery at the DSPCA shelter in Rathfarnham.

“The snake is rather thin which would lead us to think it has been loose for some time but it’s recovering well,” said the DSPCA’s Gillian Bird.

Our words of warning don’t be surprised if you see a thin, hungry snake on the lookout for food in your area.


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