House of Cards is Back


Hold ALL your plans this weekend (sorry Mum) but House of Cards season 4 is back. Let’s face it nothing is more important than the return of Frank Underwood to our screens. We all know this guy means business and you wouldn’t stand in his way of his last Dorito!

Most of us can’t contain ourselves that a full season of political dodgy dealings with our favourite villainous (fictional) American president Frank Underwood as played with menacing charm by Kevin Spacey. Here’s a message from Frank, along with an unnerving clip from the series.

New to series 4 is Neve Campbell, famous for her roles in the Scream movies. Hired by Claire to be her campaign adviser, she’s happy to go toe-to-toe with and even defy the seemingly unstoppable President Underwood, who disapproves of the First Lady’s congressional bid. Fearless and calculating, Leann is willing to help Claire and herself climb D.C.’s ladder, no matter the costs. “She’s very good at finding ways of making [what she wants to happen] happen, which is fun to play,” Campbell says. “She’ll do whatever it takes to move up.”never

It’s a battle between the sexes, which is amusing to watch and surprising the lengths they go to out-do each other.

She’s joined by two other newcomers, legendary actresses Cicely Tyson and Ellen Burstyn, who as a long-term congresswoman and Claire’s mother, respectively, have their own powerful roles.

Season 4 is available on Netflix on now. So what are you waiting for!

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